Judith Lajoie - Life Coach

I am a NLP Certified Professional Life Coach. I coach using the expertise of my professional training, the experience I have acquired through the years, common sense, intuition, and a great sense of humor. I will focus on you to get you where you need to be to get what you want.

Life Coaching draws from a number of disciplines, including psychology, NLP, counseling and others such as “solutions oriented” brief therapy. As a life Coach I use these to support clients and help them move forward and achieve success.

My vision of life coaching is an inclusive one, where therapy and life coaching are put in a continuum rather than being two separate entities with two separate functions. Moving forward is what matters. The line between therapy and coaching being rather thin at times. The first one’s focus is often more into the past. A client goes back in time to resolve issues that are creating problems in the present and sometimes that is a necessary step. It is important when appropriate to have the opportunity to do so as part of a thorough coaching. It is useful to be able to go reassess the source of a current limitation often to transform it into an asset before moving towards one’s goal. It is useful to gather resources wherever they may be and that includes learning from previous mistakes as well! My coaching is oriented towards multiplying your resources, finding solutions, moving forward to specific life goals, in the present and in the future. NLP offers effective tools for both. Healing and progress.

" NLP is the study of human excellence. It is an explicit and powerful model of human experience and communication which makes it possible to describe any human activity in a detailed way so that it can be taught and done by others. This allows one to make deep and lasting changes quickly and easily." - Frogs Into Princes

During the coaching sessions I work with you one on one, either person to person or virtually via msn text messaging or real time audio/video conferencing. I provide support, guidance, structure, and accountability. Each coaching session builds on the progress made in the last. This adds up to building momentum and making progress until you achieve your goals.

I am based in Québec City, Canada. I work with people from all over Canada, Europe and the United States. The internet has allowed this to happen effectively.

To learn more about your coaching choices and to set up an initial consultation with me take a moment to browse through my online catalog.


Training and Academic Studies

My trainers

John Grinder : one of the most unique , dynamic trainer in the world. He and Richard Bandler are the original developers of NLP and co authors of numerous books on NLP , http://www.inspiritive.com.au/jg.htm , http://www.nlpu.com/grindbio.htm

Tim Hallbom http://www.nlpca.comt/ and Suzi Smith, http://www.suzismith.net/ co founders of NLP Utah and Anchor Point Institute. They are international leaders and developers of NLP and train around the globe. They are co-authors of Beliefs, Pathway to Health and Wellbeing and NLP

The New Technology of Achievement as well as numerous audio and videotapes. In partnership with NLP innovator Robert Dilts continue to develop new NLP applications. Also owners of Anchor Point http://www.nlpanchorpoint.com

Connirae Andreas, Ph.D.L an internationally known leader in the psychotherapy field. Connirae co founded NLP Comprehensive in 1979 with husband Steve Andreas. They have co-authored leading NLP books, including Heart of the Mind and Keep the Change. http://www.nlpco.com/nlp_training/trainers/connirae.html

Tamara Andreas, M.M. Co-authored Core Transformation and international trainer of this seminar and co-author of Constructive Therapies, Vol 2. http://www.coretransformation.org/

Lara Ewing, Training director of NLP Comprehensive, she is the co-developer of the NLP Negotiation Model http://www.ppdconsulting.com/cvs/lara.htm

Charles Faulkner, Charles a prolific NLP innovator is the author of Metaphors of Identity and chief architect and co- author of NLP: The New Technology of Achievement. http://www.influentialcommunications.com/cf.html

Robert McDonald, Robert pioneered the use of NLP in the fields of addiction, co dependence and relationships. Creator of many NLP tools Robert’s “ Releasing Emotional Emmeshment Process” appears in John Bradshaw book Homecoming. He is internationally known author, lecturer and NLP trainer since 1970. http://w4-web251.nordnet.fr/formations/macdonald.php

Gerry Schmidt, Ph. D., Gerry works with large companies as a change management consultant and maintains a private therapy practice. Gerry is co-author of NLP: The New Technology of Achievement and co-developer of NLP Comprehensive’s Trainer Training Program. http://www.nlpco.com/nlp_training/trainers/gerry.html

Sid Jacobson, founder of the South Central NLP Institute, researcher, trainer and consultant, author, http://www.sidjacobson.com/

Olivier Lockert, Director of the French Institute of Ericksonian Hypnosis. http://www.iph-geneve.ch/olivier.htm

About NLP Santa Fe

Article: « NLP Santa Fe » « who was chosen by the Brief Therapy Association of Japan to participate in an international conference (...) and to teach a NLP Certification Training in Japan. The Japanese association sent a representative to explore different schools and techniques (...) The result of this two year exploration was the selection of NLP Santa Fe to teach Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Tokyo the summer of 1995 (…) ».
May 95 Newsletter.

Graduate Degrees at the University Level

Master of Arts Training and Learning Technologies 1990-93
Institution: University of New Mexico (graduate studies)
(Specialty: Adult Education, Training specialist, Learning Technologies)

Bachelor’s degree Elementary Education, Psychopedagogy
Institution 1: University Laval, Quebec, Canada
Institution 2: Plattsburgh State College University, NY, U.S. (Dean’s Honor’s List) 1980-84

Other Trainings (more than 2000 hours NLP trainings )

PNL Certified Professional Coach 2005
Centre Québécois de Programmation Neuro Linguistique

Coaching de l’Identité
CQPNL- Robert Dilts, avril 2007

Hypnose et Santé,
CQPNL, mai 2004

Intensive residential post master course in NLP
Institution: NLP Santa Fe 96

Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Institution: NLP Comprehensive, Boulder, Colorado 96

(International summer residential program- 20 days training NLP Master Practitioner)
Extended Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Institution: NLP Comprehensive. (NLP Master Practitioner- Fall-Winter ) 96-97

Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Institution: NLP New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA 95

Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Institution: NLP New Mexico 96

Diploma: Driving While Impaired School Trainer Certification
Institution: State of NM Highway and Transportation Dpt, Traffic and Safety Bureau
Santa Fe , NM , USA 94-95

Training in NLP

Diploma: Completion NLP Trainer`s training
Institution: NLP Comprehensive, Boulder, Colorado. USA. 97
John Grinder`s Patterns Detection training
Institution NLP Comprehensive in Boulder, Colorado.
Rose Schelly Charvet’ s (Meta program-Timelines)
NLP Comprehensive

Workshops in NLP:

Core Transformation
NLP Comprehensive ( by the author of ‘Core Transformation’: Connirae Andreas and Tamara Andreas)Tucson, Arizona 96

Beyond the Practitioners 1
NLP Santa Fe 95

Beyond the Practitioners 2
NLP New Mexico 96
Certificate: New Mexico Teaching Certificate / 306 / 61

Training 2003-2006 AT THE CQPNL

NLP Master Practitioners (03 à 04)
Centre Québécois de Programmation Neuro Linguistique
Concurrently with :
NLP Post-Master training: Interventions in psychotherapy, life coaching.
Assistant coach NLP basic Training in Québec

Additional trainings

Solutions oriented Interventions with André Perron, CQPNL :2004

Systemic with André Perron, CQPNL 2004
Hypnotherapy: Hypnose and Health with Olivier Lockert, CQPNL 2004

Psychotherapy- life coaching: private practice 96
Coach Assistant NLPTraining: Certification for Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Institution: NLP Comprehensive, Boulder, Colorado 97Training: Certification for Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Institution: NLP Santa Fe Santa Fe, New Mexico 96